2v2 Competitive GBs

women's lacrosse ground balls

Turn a traditional groundball drill into a game-like situation for enhanced learning.

This Drill Highlights:

  • Boxing out

  • Proper ground balls

  • Pushing the fast break


Start in a 2v1 on the 20-yard line (facing the 50-yard line), on either side of the field, close to the sidelines.  Set up a team on each side, so each team has an opportunity to be man up on the groundball. Once the 2v1 is set, have one girl in the middle of the field at the 30-yard line (this player is on the team that is man down in the 2v1).  The play starts with a coach rolling in a groundball from the 30-yard line. The 2v1 fights for the groundball. If the man up team gets possession the player on the 30-yard line recovers in to make it a 2v2. If the man down team gets the ball they have to outlet it to the player standing on the 30-yard line (who is a post who must have 1 foot on the cone at all times).  Once the play is ended by either the defense clearing the ball or the attack scoring, the 2v1 is set on the opposite side of the field and the play repeats.

Equipment: Cones, balls

Key Coaching Points:

  • Coach up the decision making.  As this drill progresses, the players should be making better decisions each round.

  • For beginner teams, focusing on proper ground balls is key:  running through the GBs, choking up on the stick, and having the players keep their heads up as they pick up the ball to look for an outlet pass.

  • Attacking the goal:  Using space and making the defense move to get a clean shot off

  • Defense:  Making decisions to slide and go hard to commit to the play.

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