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WLD started in early 2017 with the purpose of teaching and sharing drills to women's and girl's lacrosse coaches of all levels.  This site is dedicated to all of the coaches, around the world, who come here to learn.

girls lacrosse practice drills

Our Mission....

is to provide lacrosse drills, resources and videos for coaches -and players- which are all adaptable to the level of your coaching ability and the level of your lacrosse team.  


Who is behind the website?

The contributors to WLD range from club coaches to college coaches, to international and national level coaches.  Our experience is vast and, therefore, we know we can give you the best information to suit the needs of you and your team.

What kind of membership options are there?

What kind of drills do you provide?

New drills & coaching resources are added weekly for Premium members.  The drills range in categories like:

  • Draw Controls
  • Stick Skills
  • Double Teams
  • Shooting
  • Team Bonding Drills
  • Coaching Resources (think: Defensive Vocabulary, Blank Scouting Reports, Blank Practice Plans, and more!)
  • Footwork
  • Goalie Drills
  • Man Up/Man Down 
  • ....and many, many more!

And the Step-By-Step Backer Zone Tutorial and Recruitment Made Easy Tutorial

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If you want to get in touch with us, send us a request, or contribute to WLD, please email: info@womenslaxdrills.com.

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